Cafes do Brazil
Strengthening the brazilian presence in the global market of Speciality Coffee

The Cafes do Brazil is the foundation of the whole coffee program of Brazil. 40% of the global production is using Cafes do Brazil logo. The purpose of the Cafes do Brazil s to raise the value of coffee through quality and to positive influence into this direction, everyone involved with coffee. If Brazil Speciality Coffee Association (BSCA) focuses on the quality revolution, the Cafes do brazil is the driving force. In 2001, the program the Cafes do Brazil with the BSCA prepared the specialty coffee marketing plan. The project has very specific goals.

Repositioning the Cafes do Brazil by:

• The strengthening of the Brazilian presence in the global market of speciality coffee.
• Develop bonds with key customers worldwide who will highlight the quality of Brazilian coffee.• To support the production of quality coffee. By this we can be more competitive by focusing on coffee with an added value.

The Specific Objectives of the Marketing Plan are:

• Increasing the number of commercial origin labeled coffees marketed in 30 by 2009.
• Increasing the number of certified producers to 100 by 2010.
• The introduction of representatives in the market place and the disclosure of the role of Brazil Speciality Coffee in over ten countries.
• Proper use of the logos of Cafes do Brazil, BSCA, CoE, and to be used from at least 50 roasted coffee producers around the world.
• The design of the marketing plan and distribution of all information through the internet for easier access to the speciality coffees from Brazil.

The strategic activities of the cafes do Brazilare:

• The organization and promotion of the annual contest and auction of the Cup of Excellence (CoE).
• Supporting a global network of consultants to promote Brazil Speciality Coffee.
• The building of personal relationships with producers, the distribution of technical information and the coordination of cupping during international meetings in Brazil.
• The promotion of Brazil Speciality Coffee through international exhibitions.
• The strengthening of the certification of quality coffee.

All these techniques are well organized and the activities are financed from:

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