MOKKA Blends & Coffee Varieties
Mokka is the 1st Greek company that used certified speciality coffees in their blends.


Mokka is the 1st Greek Company that used Certified Speciality Coffees and direct traded them since 1999. Espresso is our top selling coffee and is made from Natural, Pulp Natural and Fully Washed coffees. Varieties Mundo Novo and Catuai, Bourbon are harvested and processed by Monte Alegre farm in Brazil. Coffee is blended and roasted with skill and passion in order to provide the espresso required taste profile. Sweet-CacaoBitter with strong body and creamy aftertaste. Round and Balanced. Taste characteristics like Bitter Chocolate, Sugar-cane, Nutty, Caramel with an aroma of freshly roasted almonds and bread. Monde Alegre farm provides as with coffee since many years ago. Due to the size and the quality of the farm, MOKKA monthly imports the coffee just after it is dry-milled, thus further ensuring it’s freshness. We aim to achieve the maximum consistency of product and taste quality throughout the year.


Estate coffee or micro-lots are available, so visit our e-shop often to see the newest coffees. unique coffees from all around the world with personality. Characteristic, rich and complex taste profiles. Coffee varieties like Bourbon, Ethiopian Mokka, typicas etc can be enjoyed as an espresso or brewed filtration.


Traditional: Classic Blend made from the varieties Brazilian Natural RIO & Santos. Speciality: A rich blend made from speciality coffees from all continents. Intense bitter-sweet taste, balanced with strong body and aftertaste.


Blend based on decaf coffee from Colombia. Available in Espresso, Filter & Greek.

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