Aeropress Coffee & Espressomaker


-A simple, useful device that can give rich and pure coffee without its bitter characteristics.

-Extremely low acidity

-Its small filter promises a “clean” cup in contrast to the French press

-Give one to three cups of coffee in about a minute

-For filter coffee and espresso

-Ideal for the kitchen, travel or camping

-Cleaning that takes seconds

-Phthalate and BPA free

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It only came into our lives in 2005 but quickly entered the hearts of coffee lovers. The innovative way to filter coffee at an ideal temperature, results in an enjoyable cup – with low acidity and without the unnecessary bitter aftertaste. The Aeropress is made to be used at home, but it is so light, practical and durable that it is ideal for traveling with us wherever we go. It will highlight any specialty coffee you bring to your home and you can use it to prepare filter coffee, espresso and of course cold brew
The package includes,

-Filter Cap for AeroPress & AeroPress Go

-Seal for end of plunger of AeroPress & AeroPress Go

-AeroPress Scoop

-AeroPress Stirrer

-AeroPress Filter Holder

-AeroPress Funnel

-350 AeroPress microfilters

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Aeropress Coffee & Espressomaker