Colombia – Javier Rubio – San Bernando Natural


Grown by Javier Rubio at Finca El Libano. This coffee was hand picked and sorted, then exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 24 hours. Later, the cherries were placed on raised beds until 18% moisture content is achieved, then the coffee was placed inside grain pro bags for 50 hours and later left to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content. After the coffee is dried, it is placed inside rum barrels for 20 days.

Javier’s farm is 5.5 hectares in size, and he grows 15 different types of native trees. He also works on the preservation of natural habitats of the local animals in the region.

This microdot is 100% San Bernardo. This varietal is a dwarf natural mutation of typica that took place in Guatemala and is sometimes known as Pache. The trees are even smaller than Caturra or Castilo and are highly susceptible to leaf rust. The yield is relatively low however the cup quality is exceptional with complex floral and spice notes.

Rich, intense and complex flavor profile. Red fruits like cherry, honey, vanilla, caramel are among the descriptions we give to this coffee.

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