Ethiopia – Moplaco – Sheka – Natural


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Producer Moplaco is located in Ethiopia, the only country in the world where coffee trees thrive to this day in forests and jungles. The most organic product there is. The varieties are primitive and the coffee trees in many cases exceed 200 to 300 years of age. The palette of coffee flavors from Ethiopia is rich and complex. The history of MOPLACO begins with its founding in 1971 by Giannis Georgalis. Giannis Georgalis’ love for coffee and Ethiopia later inspired his daughter Eleanna to continue the family tradition in coffee. Moplaco cultivates, selects and processes coffee, which it regularly exports to many countries around the world. It is our pleasure to work with a leading Greek producer in Ethiopia since 2010. We have visited Moplaco three times in 2011, 2018 and 2019. For more information visit

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