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Four Generations Of Excellence

MOKKA exclusively produces and specialises in the authentic specialty coffee. Is among the pioneers who interfered with coffees of such quality level. From 1999 we direct trade and roast coffees from producers with whom we collaborate for many years. We aim to promote the coffee that we love, the ones with a clear, rich, complex flavor. We have achieved constant business relationships, we exchange knowledge, educate in order to continually improve and to keep the high level in quality.

MOKKA continues a long tradition of four generations. Since 1922 we specialize in roasting and processing coffee. MOKKA is based in the family’s neoclassical building in the historic center of Athens. On a surface of 1000 square meters we operate the traditional coffee shop, the café, the trainning center and our production. Our goal is to be among the best coffee roasters around the World. We want to be chosen because of our quality, our knowledge, expertise and innovation. Coffee is our passion and we are the first in Greece and from the first globaly who imported and roasted Speciality Coffees and micro-lots awarded with the Cup of Excellence. We want to source, roast and offer the coffees that we believe are the best in the world. We want to educate and to share our passion in order to highlight the most tasteful beverage in the world. We provide machinery and we are the official representatives of the Victoria Arduino. We offer support, training (SCAE Authorised Trainer), mechanical service and over 200 products.

A must of the specialty coffee is the traceability which should be clearly written on the packaging including the treatment and the producer. All of our coffees keep this standard and eventually our name is recognized as the high end in quality. MOKKA own three production and two sample roasters. We specialize in all kinds of roasting such as industrial, micro and nano. After the everyday roasting, coffee is sealed in aluminum based coffee bags with a degasing valve thus further ensuring freshness. Both raw and roasted coffee is stored in humidity and temperature controlled environment.

Our medium smooth but deep roast aims for the full development of the coffee beans, providing a clean and balanced cup. We want to preserve and enhance as much of the natural coffee flavors and not to cover them with roast or burnt notes. We follow a pre-production, after-production protocol and we continually review our coffees by cupping.

The vast majority of countries harvests once per year. Freshness is a major factor for quality, thus MOKKA imports the coffee lots once per year, two months after the harvest in order to store it in a cold and humidity controlled environment till next harvest. Brazil is an exemption due to the large quantities that we roast every month. In this case our producer, Monte Alegre stores our coffee in parchment so dry-milling is done just before the coffee is exported to MOKKA every month.

MOKKA is among the first members of the Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE), the body organizing the Cup of Excellence competition (CoE). It is the only company in Greece to buy coffees of such a level, started from Brazil in 2001, following Guatemala 2002, Brazil 2003, Brazil 2007, Costa Rica 2008, El salvador 2015, Honduras 2015, El Salvador 2018, Rwanda 2018. Finally Nikos Psomas is a cupper of the organization and has participated in the final competition stage in Brazil in 2002, 2005, 2007 and in Guatemala 2016.

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