Mokka Speciality Coffee Is A SCAE Authorised Trainer.

Speciality Coffee without the perfect final preparation of the coffee drink is not possible. A perfect cup of coffee is not made by itself. Someone must know how to prepare it, either it is an espresso or filter, or Greek. This person is called barista. Our company aims for a continuous barista training. The coffee is the most tasteful beverage so we have to show it through our art. For us, coffee is a pleasure.

Beyond the education of our customers and as being SCAE Authorized Trainer, we deliver seminars of SCAE Barista Level 1 and SCAE Barista Level 2. Learn the secrets of coffee from the pioneers, Nikos Psomas and Vassilis Ballas. The seminars are done at our company where the barista can see and learn about green coffee, see how coffee is imported inside their bags, learn it’s specifications. He will see our warehouse and the ideal storage conditions, he see the coffee shop and the automated air-transportation of the 12 blends inside their air-tight silos (unique in the world). He will see how coffee is roasted in two different roasters (an old probat and a new 4th. generation), learning the basic roasting parameters and how they affect the final taste of coffee. He will see how coffee is packed and learn how the behaves after roasting. After he will cup six different types of coffee for level 1 and twelve for level 2, also filling out the cupping form, learning how we rate and describe coffee flavors and aroma. Finally, he will be shown the presentation that includes all stages of coffee, from the earth and the tree till the end cup. He will take the presentation notes and then write the exam. Finally he will give the practical exam. If not passed, has enough time to prepare for the next. Once per month we deliver level 1 and 2. The 2012 program will be announced soon.

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