Moccamaster KBG Select Brick Red


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Type of coffee Filter
 lt capacity 1.25 L
Cups capacity 10 – 11
Power 1520 W
Grinded beans yes
Weight Kg 2.8 kg
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Color: Brick Red, Matt Black, Polished Silver, Stone Grey, Pastel Green


Handmade in the NETHERLANDS since 1968. For 50 years, the Moccamaster coffee machines have been hand made in the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands. All filter coffee machines are mounted there by qualified and experienced staff and individually tested to the smallest detail in a live situation. It is the personal touch and elegant design that make the high quality Moccamaster coffee machines unique. Absolute coffee enjoyment, quality and reliability are a priority in the production of machines. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is also self-evident.

High quality copper heating element for perfect bridges. The heating element of the Moccamaster filter coffee machine is made of antibacterial copper. This guarantees the optimum brewing temperature of 92-96 °C. Hot and delicious coffee, which is neither bitter nor sour, that promises Moccamaster.

FAST COFFEE MAINTENANCE Within 5-6 minutes you get 10 cup coffee (1.25 l). After 40 minutes, the coffee machine switches off automatically due to the auto-off function. For this coffee machine, all standard No. 4 coffee filters can be used.

CERTIFIED BY ECBC AND SCA Technivorm Moccamaster works closely with leading international coffee research centres such as the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Specialty Coffee Association. The 10-cup coffee (1.25 l) is secured in 5-6 minutes quietly and quickly with the automatic safety shutdown (AO). Compatible with 1 x 4 filters.

For small and large quantities, the new Moccamaster KBG Select for 10 cups as well as for small quantities of 6 cups. Thanks to the new selector switch, you can easily choose between a full or half pot. With half a pot the coffee runs slowly. The result is an aromatic cup of coffee with full taste, regardless of the number of cups. This makes the Moccamaster KBG Select the perfect coffee machine for large and small quantities.

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Βάρος 3,560 kg

Brick Red, Matt Black, Polished Silver, Stone Grey, Pastel Green

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Moccamaster KBG Select Brick Red
Moccamaster KBG Select Brick Red