Peru - CoE #2- Edward Goicochea - Caturra Washed

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Peru - CoE #2- Edward Goicochea - Caturra Washed

CAMINOS DEL INCA is the name of my farm, it is born in memory of my ancestors who walked through the ways my farm is located at. the community of DIAMANTE in the district and province of JAEN in the region of CAJAMARCA It is located at an altitude of 1750 masl.

The farm is acquired as an heritage from my parents. Nowadays we are growing the varieties of CATURRA and CATUAI in 1ha. Since i was really Young i joined my parents, developing agriculture activities in the production of coffee. Today i am a producer of specialty coffee with high quality standards.

I am the son of two coffee producers and from a really Young age i am passionate in coffee growing. I participated supporting my parents in the common farm activities. Being this my inspiration to dedicate my life to the production of coffee. With the support of my family we plant and grow the varieties CATURRA and CATUAI.

As a passionate coffee Farmer son of two coffee producers i have study to become a cupper of specialty coffees, in my farm I research and develop different process that gave satisfactory results. This is the second time i participate in cup of excellence

Rank. 2

Farm Name. Caminos El Inca

Farmer. Edwar Toro Goicochea

Score. 89.58

Altitude. 1750

Region. Cajamarca

Aroma/Flavor. Strawberry (4), Winey (4), Cherry (3), Chocolate (3), Pineapple (3), Apricot (2), Blueberry (2), Jam (2), Molasses (2), Passion Fruit (2), Tropical Fruit (2), Anise, Apple, Banana, Berry jam, Black Cherry, Black Currant, Brown Sugar, Bubble gum, Caramel, Cashew, Cocoa, Cream, Dragon fruit, Dried Dates, Floral, Grape, Herb-like, Jackfruit, Juicy, Kiwi, Lime, Low passionfruit, Macadamia, Maple Syrup, Persimmon, Plum, Process Heavy, Process forward, Prune, Red Apple, Red Currant, Red wine, ripe strawberry, Slight strawberry jam, Slight winey, Strawberry bubble gumCitrus (2), Malic Acid (2), Soft (2), Tropical Fruit (2), Acetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lemon, Lime, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tartaric acid, Winey

Acidity. Citrus (2), Malic Acid (2), Soft (2), Tropical Fruit (2), Acetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lemon, Lime, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tartaric acid, WineyCoating, Complex, Complex tropical, Fruity aroma, Intense and dynamic, Smooth, Velvety

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Roasting Date Feb 22, 2021
Available Roasted Yes
Packaging 150gr
Net Weight (kg) 0.1500

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